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About Us


I am a 38 yr old mum to 4 children aged between 18yrs and 2yrs and if there is one thing that I have learned, its trying to find clothes during pregnancy that not only make you feel and look good, that offers affordability and choice is quite hard. For me personally I could only ever justify a few key items and the rest would just have to make do. I believe at a time in your life when uncertainty is around every corner, along with all the natural excitement, worrying about what to wear should not be at the top of your list, nor should it cost a fortune, this is what inspired Beeyond Expectations maternity hire. 


At Beeyond Expectation we aim to provide pregnant women with an affordable wardrobe for the duration of their pregnancy that offers choice and flexibility allowing you to feel and look good. The all in one bundle options mean that you are in control of your wardrobe for a fixed price with no hidden costs. 

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